Your Career Depends On It

Learn How to Improve Your Communication Skills with
Michael Williams' Public Speaking Courses

Don't Let Your Speech Hold You Back Any Longer!

"Your ability to speak clearly, speak smoothly, and speak confidently will determine your career success."  

Are you an IT professional, Engineer, Doctor or other professional who thought that, perhaps superior verbal communication skills were not really necessary to advance or be successful in your field?  But then, you discovered that you had to do "stand-ups", provide status updates, present cases or make other such presentations.  You also discovered that in order to become a team leader, manager, director or higher you would have to be able to present your thoughts, ideas and training in a clear, smooth, and confidently manner.  

If English is your second language, or your simply struggle with any of the following...

  • Choppy Speech
  • Speaking too fast
  • Stuttering
  • Fear of Public Speaking 
  • Inability to explain things clearly and concisely 

Help is here.  You can do something about this.  

  • You can learn to speak clearly so that people hear and understand exactly what you are saying.
  • You can learn to speak smoothly so that you enjoy speaking and people enjoy hearing you speak
  • You can learn to speak confidently so that when you talk, people listen and take action on what you say

Michael WilliamsPro90d Creator

Many of my clients are IT professionals, Doctors, Accountants, Scientists, Executives, and Administrators.  For quite a few of them English is their second language.  They come to me because they are tired of their speech getting in the way of their success.  And, they are tired of short-term fixes, devices, or so-called cures.  They want real, long-term results.  So, that's what I give them...the ability to speak with greater clarity, smoothness and confidence than they ever thought possible.  

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