Do you sometimes ramble when you speak? 

Is it hard to respond to difficult questions, especially when you don’t know the answer? 

Do you want your presentations to feel more spontaneous and less  rehearsed?  

If you answered YES, then the 

Proactive Speaking System is absolutely PERFECT for you!

The Proactive Speaking System is an easy way of preparing for and presenting your message in a smooth, clear, engaging and succinct manner.

We’ve all heard people share great information, but were extremely difficult to listen to because of their speaking style.  Perhaps they were too fast, monotone, or choppy. 

We’ve also heard people who had a nice speaking style, but rambled and offered little to no value in what they said. 

The Proactive Speaking System is designed to help you smoothly and confidently say what you want to say with incredible precision, impact and value. 

Here Are 5 Unique Features You’ll Love: 

FEATURE #1. You’ll learn how to internalize, not memorize.  “Internalizing” your presentations give you the flexibility to quickly customize your message for different audiences saving you time and energy, and making your message more impactful. 

FEATURE #2. Use the V.I.C. Formula to stay focused and connected.  When you think about V.IC. you’ll reduce or eliminate worrying about who’s in the room or what your audience is thinking about you.   

FEATURE #3. Use the incredibly easy Q&A Format to design and deliver your presentation without notes.  Using this format you’ll be able to quickly create clear and succinct presentations that don’t require you to use notes.  

FEATURE #4. Use the powerful Category and Enumeration Structure to instantly organize your thoughts and responses.  When you use this structure your speech will be more clear, your responses will be more concise, and your listener will love you for it.  

FEATURE #5. Learn how to use Mental Success Movies to feel calm, relaxed and confident.  When you create and use mental success movies (which takes a minute or so) you’ll feel so much more relaxed and confident going into your presentations.  

BENEFIT #1. When you speak, people will listen, instead of being bored or distracted.

BENEFIT #2. When all eyes are on you, you will feel relaxed, calm and confident, instead of anxious and rushed.

BENEFIT #3. You’ll be able to say the right thing at the right time, instead of sounding unprepared or uninformed. 

In this training we will cover the following: 

1. What to do and not do before each presentation to reduce anxiety and build confidence. 

2. How to quickly and easily create a “mental blueprint” of your presentation, saving you time and laying the groundwork for a clear, concise and engaging presentation.

3. How to structure your presentation using the Q&A, Category and Enumeration framework giving you the ability to deliver impactful succinct presenations completely without notes.

4. How to internalize not memorize your presentations using “mental movies”, boosting your confidence and giving your delivery a much more spontaneous feel.

5. 12 Strategies you can use immediately to make your audiences fall in love with you, remember what you said and take action on it.



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