Without Fear or Stuttering 

2-MONTH PRIVATE Intensive Speech Coaching

In This 2-Month Private Intensive Speech Coaching:  You will transform your thinking and speaking so that you can conquer your fear of public speaking and captivate your audience with confidence. 

Are you tired of feeling afraid to speak in public? Do you have to struggle with nervousness, anxiety or stuttering whenever you have to speak before a group? Do you feel like people perceive you as not being as intelligent, knowledgeable and capable as you actually are? Do you feel frustrated, undervalued or embarrassed because deep down inside you know that you could be doing so much more – yet you feel frustrated, undervalued or embarrassed?

Someone needs to hear your voice. They need to hear your perspective, your ideas, and your advice. There are people in this world, in your community, in your company who are suffering, unhappy, confused or just in need of you. But, your ability to speak smoothly and confidently is holding you back. Perhaps, you’ve always wanted to speak in front of groups, teach, train or coach, but a lack of self-confidence, fear or poor speaking skills has made you feel like that dream was not truly possible for you.

Your dreams can come true just as they have for many others just like you. Imagine for just one moment being able to speak smoothly, clearly and confidently.  Think about this for a moment: When you speak, people listen, they fix their eyes and attention on you, smile and nod in agreement. Imagine being able to change lives with YOUR voice. This can be you if you’re willing to put in the time and effort.

Christina P., PRO90D CLIENT

"Mr. Williams, I am thrilled with the results of you work with my daughter. You've done what other speech pathologist were unable to do. I am eternally grateful. Please accept my heartfelt thank you. I wish you so much success in the continued use of your gift in helping others overcome stuttering."
--Mrs. P. (the Mother)

"I've gone through a process that I feel led to share with others so that they can learn how to take control of gaining their voice! I no longer fear my goals that include public speaking. I look forward to public speaking opportunities because I know I have the skill set to do extremely well in those situations! I feel like I have command of my speaking style, instead of letting old speaking ways (speaking too quickly, stumbling over words, getting confused, etc.) overcome me."

Is Private Intensive Speech Coaching For You?

  • Do you have to make presentations as a part of your job?
  • Are you a teacher, trainer, speaker or coach, or would like to be?
  • Would you like to use your voice to make a positive difference in the lives of others?
  • Would you like to advance into a position that requires great public speaking and presentation skills?
  • Are you a start-up CEO who needs to pitch your product or service to potential investors?

If you say YES to any or all of the above,
then this training is absolutely perfect for you.

What Will You Get Out Of This Training?

  • Develop a speaking style that is smooth and easy to listen to
  • Learn how to “act” calm and confident even when you “feel” nervous
  • Master how to grab - and hold - your audiences’ attention using three essential speaking skills
  • ​Project greater confidence and show your audience that you know what you’re talking about using a simple, 4-step presentation system
  • Establish an immediate and ongoing connection with your audience using one easy technique
  • Make sure you audience clearly understand exactly what you are saying by using a specific presentation style I will share with you
  • Find out how to give your audience clear take-away action items

Your ability to present your thoughts and ideas with clarity and confidence are critical to your career. You already know this. And, because you know this and are probably sick and tired of avoiding, hiding, being dismissed, passed over or otherwise not recognized for your true abilities and skills, you're now ready to make a real change.

This training course, the PRO90D 3.0 Focus 2-Month Training  is designed to immerse you into a complete speech and thought transformation. This is not just another course. This is a highly targeted, highly focused speech training course. You will not just "learn" how to speak well. You will actually "experience" speaking well during the the eight weeks we spend together "IF" you do the work. And, trust me, you can do the work. It's not so obnoxiously intensive that you simply will not be able do it.

"Let's face it: speech is a very necessary part of life and
HOW you speak will have a huge impact on your opportunities, income and the quality of your relationships."

Here Is Exactly What You Will Receive During This Training

  • A 60 – 90 Minute Jump Starter Session to help us establish clear expectations, speaking goals and milestones (Value: $200)
  • (6) 60-minute Live Video Speech Training Sessions using GotoTraining or Skype. These sessions will include some instruction, but mostly evaluation, feedback and fine tuning of your speech and presentation style.  (Value: $2000) 
  • Complete access to the PRO90D 3.0 Focus online course for greater access, and ongoing individual education  (Value: $497)
  • Access to the 3.0 Focus online group-forum for accountability and encouragement
  • Downloadable audio files for portability and convenience (Value: $197)
  • Downloadable written transcript for selected training units  (Value: $97)
  • Access to a goal setting, milestone tracker, online journal and coaching communication tool accessible via a web browser and mobile device 
  • Weekly action steps to track progress toward established speech goals
  • High Priority email and Skype chat support for duration of the training 
  • Bonus: Special Live Q&A sessions ($597)

Here's How the Online Portion of Training Is Structured:

Section 1. How to Create a New Speaking STYLE Using Proactive Speaking Skills and Mental Training (Click to See Exactly What You'll Learn)

Section 2. How to Give Smoother Presentations Using The Crystal Presentation System (Click to See Exactly What You'll Learn)

What They Say About The PRO90D Speech System

I am more confident about my speaking and more in control over both my speech and emotions in high pressure situations.


I had my issues for over 50 years (!!!!) and coaching a few weeks with Michael gave me freedom from stuttering.


For me, suddenly the long awaited opportunities arrived: I am invited to making a documentary video and speaking on TV! Only: I was not prepared!!! I needed urgently speech training. I tried several methods, with only limited result. Then I found Michael Williams on Youtube - and I knew had the tools I was looking for.  I can recommend Michael’s course to anyone wanting to fulfill the hope to communicate with an excellent speech.


I am more confident, became much more fluent especially after the 3 months period. I no longer feel that my life is limited because of my speaking.


CLICK HERE to Read this Post Program Evaluation from a client I had over two (2) years ago!


Friends, I've now helped so many people completely transform their speech and life that I can confidently make this offer: If accepted into the coaching program and you do not get the results we both agree upon, I will gladly give you 100% of your money back...PERIOD!  That's it.  The system works.  If you follow it and my coaching advice, you will get absolutely amazing results and sometimes faster than you may have imagined.  

All requests for refunds must be made within 30 days of the time of purchase and must submitted in writing to the this address:​

Training Enrollment Fee

 Pay In Full Discount

2-Payment Option
Payment #1. $1298.50
Payment #2. $1298.50

IMPORTANT: If you struggle with persistent stuttering, that is you stutter more than just in a few isolated situations, like introducing yourself or giving presentations, then please save your money and select the 90 day program.  This program is designed for those who only stutter predominantly when under pressure. 

If you would like to schedule a Private Stop Stuttering NOW Breakthrough Session with Michael, please complete the survey below and we will get in touch with you within 24-48 hours.

Need More?  
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